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Hellooo everyone!!

 I hope that you will appreciate my blog. I will try my best to share my point of view about advertising and of course your comments and your way of thinking about what I will post will be most welcome. This is my first post on my blog which I would like to explain to all of you, why I have chosen this picture to represent my blog. It is a picture that I have took from the web, from a website that allows us to reuse their contents. It is a picture of a Double Cheese Burger from McDonalds; I have chosen this picture because I think that it is the perfect picture to represent false advertising. It is actually not at all the same picture as we can see on all adverts around us. It is a great picture even if it is not really appetising for people who like eating McDonalds (And I’m sure that many of you like it). It is just a way to reflect reality. So, the best way to illustrate my topic is via my blog. I’m inviting you to read my post in the future to learn more about my topic on False advertising.


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