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Experience with Twitter.


I have used Twitter for the promotion of my blog and I will now share to you my feedback about it !

 So, my experience on Twitter is that: First, I have decided to post some tweets on twitter because it a social network that I have not used before. First, I learned to use the famous “Hashtag” (Yes, I didn’t do that before, and to be honest it didn’t interest me). But now, after using Twitter, it is now very interesting. I have used different Hashtag such as: #False #Advertising, #Deceptive #Advertising, #False Advertising. It helps people to find what they want on twitter. And because of those Hashtags, I have found very interesting information about my topic, false Advertising.

Here are the sreenshot of my tweets:

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 9.41.19 PM

This was my first tweet on Twitter, telling people about my blog !!

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 9.41.19 PM

This was my second post sharing a piece of writing about my topic (False Advertising), which I found very interesting and important to share with everyone. I have used the hashtag #Misleading #Advertising for this post.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 9.41.17 PM

That’s was my last post! Sharing once again a piece of writing about false advertising. I have used the Hashtag: #False #Advertising on this post.

Now, I will show you the posts that I have retweet:

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 9.41.38 PM

This was the first post that I have re-tweeted. I have found this article very interesting; I did not know that people can give money to be able to do false advertising and how amazingly far it can go.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 11.12.16 PM

This was the last post that I have re-tweeted. I have found this post on tweeter about false advertising. Talking about Red Bull, which are telling people that “Red Bull gives you wings” and that is completely not true. I think you should have a look at this post; it is very interesting and TRUE!!!This was my experience on Twitter. It was very interesting to do that, because before I didn’t use Twitter at all, because it was a social network that didn’t interests me. But for promoting your blog and find article which talking about the same topic as you, it is very helpful and easy to use. And like I said before, learn more about the famous Hashtag, that I saw everywhere and didn’t understand the meaning, but now everything is clear and at the end, I LIKE TWITTER.

And you, are you using Twitter? 


Creating Generative Value


Let’s have a look at this interesting document which will give you a little example about my topic and maybe make you realize how advertising can lie to you. And then I will tell you what I think about it and same for you, you will have to express yourself about it. A way to make to give you a proper example about False Advertising, which can make you think little bit more about what you can trust or not.

Here is the link of the article that I have chosen:

This post will talk about a document that I found on Internet “Walmart Settles False Advertising Charges on Coke Prices” which I think is quite interesting to talk about and of course is a good illustration for my topic about false advertising.

This document talks about the Walmart shops which have published an advertising mentioning that the pack of 12 bottles of coke will be on sale at $3. In reality the shop is selling at $3.50. So, consumers made a complaint against the shop because they are doing false advertising. Don’t you think that’s amazing that advertisers can do something like that just to have an opportune to have more consumers?

This document it is related to my topic in the way that it is talking about a particular misleading consumers by writing a promotion on Coke and when consumers went to buy they realized that the advertising was not telling the truth. Did you ever notice something like that on advertising? This document is also a way to make you realize that we really have to be careful with what advertisers say. I am totally in agreement that the consumer complains about false advertising as there are far too many cases of misleading advertising. What are your feelings to this and have you ever heard about complaints towards false advertising??

Awaiting your comments and tell me your way of thinking in regards to this document and of course your thoughts about my post. Feel FREE to add whatever you want. And one more time, be careful on what you can see on advertising!

Introducing my topic.

Let’s introduce you some more to my topic. I will just do a quick reminder, what is advertising and what is False Advertising. Quick to be easier for you to understand what is the real GOAL of my blog!


“ADVERTISING is mass media content intended to persuade audiences of readers, viewers or listeners to take action on products, services and ideas. The idea is to drive consumer behaviour in a particular way in regard to a product, service or concept.” (Curtis, 2013)

This was a quick quote from the article of Curtis, which explains quickly what is advertising.

False Advertising: 

“Deceptive advertising, also known as false advertising, refers to a manufacturer’s use of confusing, misleading, or blatantly untrue statements when promoting a product.” (, 2013)

And this was a little quote to remind you what is false advertising. As it is important for you to know the meaning of false advertising as my entire blog will be about it. I hope this definition helps you to understand the meaning of False Advertising. And I’m sure when you will discover my whole blog you will quickly realize that False Advertising are everywhere around us.

Here is an image of False Advertising. As you can see on this image there is on the right the advertisement, which looks good and when seeing that you just want to eat it. On the left is what you have in reality in front of you. As you can see it is completely different to what you can see on Advertising!! It looks disgusting, NO??? 


(, 2014)

Are you now able to make the difference between advertising and reality ? (I’m sure you are able to, and of course it is very disappointed).

I came across an article on the Web, which I found very interesting regarding false advertising and once again, tale about false advertising. Just to give you some more information with some sources that I have found on the web.

“What truth-in-advertising rules apply to advertisers?

Under the Federal Trade Commission Act:

  • Advertising must be truthful and non-deceptive;

  • Advertisers must have evidence to back up their claims; and

  • Advertisements cannot be unfair.”  (, 2001)

And actually, I hope that my post will make you realize what advertising wants to do with their “beautiful” images. You have to be careful before buying a product even if it looks “good” on the advertising.

Enjoy reading my blog and I hope to have a lot of comments and personal thoughts regarding to my topic.

Personal Narratives.

Hello bloggers.

I know I took some time before writing a new post. But now, I’M BACK to explain to you what my blog is about. (Because, I think that it is not really clear for you at this point ) So, the reason I decided to do a blog on this topic, and finally why it should interest you. As you all know, advertising maintains a big place in our life, to create awareness. To make people buy stuff. It is a topic that interests me immensely, because it is something that I see around me all the time, and always asked myself, how does this work and how can people be satisfied with what they have even if it is not the same as what we can see on advertising. When I was thinking about that, I went to eat something, like McDonalds and immediately started to make the difference between what I had in front of me and what I have seen on the menu, Gosh! The difference was BIG.

Why advertising interests me that much, is because in future, I want to work in advertising. (Relation between the consumer and the brand). I like to hear the way of thinking of people about advertising, to see if there are people who are thinking the same way as me as there is a lot of false advertising around us. As we can see in this document, there are some rules that advertising is supposed to follow. (

Not all the rules are mentioned but some examples of the rules that they must follow. And I’m sure that most people do not care about those rules or simply do not pay attention to the differences between advertising and reality. What do I do when I see advertising and want to buy the product? After buying the product, I will immediately make the difference between the two (Advertising/Reality).

“Advertising should never lead you to believe something that isn’t true.”(, 2014)

When you look around you, don’t you think that you are living in a world surrounded by lies? You need to think more before buying. And you, do you sometimes make the difference between advertising and reality? Give me your way of thinking about my topic.

Thanks for reading my blog and I’m looking forward to read your comments

Avatar Annotation.

Hellooo everyone!!

 I hope that you will appreciate my blog. I will try my best to share my point of view about advertising and of course your comments and your way of thinking about what I will post will be most welcome. This is my first post on my blog which I would like to explain to all of you, why I have chosen this picture to represent my blog. It is a picture that I have took from the web, from a website that allows us to reuse their contents. It is a picture of a Double Cheese Burger from McDonalds; I have chosen this picture because I think that it is the perfect picture to represent false advertising. It is actually not at all the same picture as we can see on all adverts around us. It is a great picture even if it is not really appetising for people who like eating McDonalds (And I’m sure that many of you like it). It is just a way to reflect reality. So, the best way to illustrate my topic is via my blog. I’m inviting you to read my post in the future to learn more about my topic on False advertising.


References:,. (2008). File:McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger.JPG – Wikimedia Commons. Retrieved 7 October 2014, from’s_Double_Cheeseburger.JPG