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Let’s have a look at this interesting document which will give you a little example about my topic and maybe make you realize how advertising can lie to you. And then I will tell you what I think about it and same for you, you will have to express yourself about it. A way to make to give you a proper example about False Advertising, which can make you think little bit more about what you can trust or not.

Here is the link of the article that I have chosen:

This post will talk about a document that I found on Internet “Walmart Settles False Advertising Charges on Coke Prices” which I think is quite interesting to talk about and of course is a good illustration for my topic about false advertising.

This document talks about the Walmart shops which have published an advertising mentioning that the pack of 12 bottles of coke will be on sale at $3. In reality the shop is selling at $3.50. So, consumers made a complaint against the shop because they are doing false advertising. Don’t you think that’s amazing that advertisers can do something like that just to have an opportune to have more consumers?

This document it is related to my topic in the way that it is talking about a particular misleading consumers by writing a promotion on Coke and when consumers went to buy they realized that the advertising was not telling the truth. Did you ever notice something like that on advertising? This document is also a way to make you realize that we really have to be careful with what advertisers say. I am totally in agreement that the consumer complains about false advertising as there are far too many cases of misleading advertising. What are your feelings to this and have you ever heard about complaints towards false advertising??

Awaiting your comments and tell me your way of thinking in regards to this document and of course your thoughts about my post. Feel FREE to add whatever you want. And one more time, be careful on what you can see on advertising!


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