Personal Narratives.

Hello bloggers.

I know I took some time before writing a new post. But now, I’M BACK to explain to you what my blog is about. (Because, I think that it is not really clear for you at this point ) So, the reason I decided to do a blog on this topic, and finally why it should interest you. As you all know, advertising maintains a big place in our life, to create awareness. To make people buy stuff. It is a topic that interests me immensely, because it is something that I see around me all the time, and always asked myself, how does this work and how can people be satisfied with what they have even if it is not the same as what we can see on advertising. When I was thinking about that, I went to eat something, like McDonalds and immediately started to make the difference between what I had in front of me and what I have seen on the menu, Gosh! The difference was BIG.

Why advertising interests me that much, is because in future, I want to work in advertising. (Relation between the consumer and the brand). I like to hear the way of thinking of people about advertising, to see if there are people who are thinking the same way as me as there is a lot of false advertising around us. As we can see in this document, there are some rules that advertising is supposed to follow. (

Not all the rules are mentioned but some examples of the rules that they must follow. And I’m sure that most people do not care about those rules or simply do not pay attention to the differences between advertising and reality. What do I do when I see advertising and want to buy the product? After buying the product, I will immediately make the difference between the two (Advertising/Reality).

“Advertising should never lead you to believe something that isn’t true.”(, 2014)

When you look around you, don’t you think that you are living in a world surrounded by lies? You need to think more before buying. And you, do you sometimes make the difference between advertising and reality? Give me your way of thinking about my topic.

Thanks for reading my blog and I’m looking forward to read your comments


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